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SHS 28 – Springfield 1903 MK1

SHS 28 - 1903 Springfield MK1 Rifle. Pedersen Device.

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we have a 1903 Springfield rifle. But not just any 1903. A MK1. What is that you ask? With a little hyperbole it is as follows…

Imagine The United States War Department’s super secret weapon that was so effective and revolutionary, that by the summer of 1919, allied forces were going to overwhelm the German trenches and win the war?

Never heard that? Well…that war ended in November of 1918. And…this super secret weapon didn’t really work out the way it had been hoped. So 19 years after the war ended, these failed weapons were destroyed and their MK1 Rifle variants were all converted to standard line-rifle format. 

The secret weapon was the Pedersen Device. The carrier for this weapon was the MK1 Springfield with mods accept the device and operate it.

In theory, turning every 1903 Springfield into a semi-automatic rifle. 

Personally, I always thought it was a hair-brained idea. But necessity is the mother of invention. And WWI killed A LOT of people every month for a long time. People were swinging for the fences with new ideas. 

The stats:

  • 1903 MK1
  • Caliber 30-06.
  • Mfg. June 1918. 
  • Pedersen Compatibility undone in 1937. 

It’s a neat piece of history from a different time. If you wish to contact the dealer directly, please feel free to use the link below. 


If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:







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