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SHS 30 – Walther PPK 32ACP

SHS 30 - Walther PPK 32ACP

What we have here is a German made, pre-1968 GCA import, Walther PPK chambered in 32ACP.

This pistol is in immaculate condition. Has original box, papers, second magazine and brass cleaning rod.

The PPK was classified as non-importable with the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Specifically as having no sporting purpose, AKA a, “Saturday Night Special”. 

Obviously that’s BS. But what’s happened is US Government regulations have limited the availability of this type of firearm causing prices and desirability to rise. 

Not incidentally, this is the same reason why US civilians can’t buy Glock 380 pistols. But overseas Glock 380’s don’t even get tagged with the “military-caliber-verboten” restrictions. Which illustrates a rare example of guns more restricted in the US than in parts of the EU.

Hence the only US imports belong to US law enforcement or GOV agencies and / or the FFL’s who sell to them. 


That’s what I believe anyway. 

If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:







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