SHS 55: P38 Mauser Pistol. WWII Production.

SHS 55 – P38 Pistol by Mauser

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we have a German P38 pistol made by Mauser. WWII production. While not in like new condition, it is in very good condition. Especially the finish. Which is original. 

Also included is one original magazine in same condition. And a WWII era manufactured leather holster. To my thinking this gun has spend most of the last 70 years in someone’s gun safe. 

The specs:

  • Model – P38 German Service Pistol. 
  • Make – Mauser Byf44.
  • Caliber – 9×19 Luger 
  • Magazine – 1 included. 
  • Finish – Original blue. 
  • Markings – German military. 

If you wish to know more about this pistol, you can contact the dealer directly at the link below:






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