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SIG 551 Surefire Fore end
Notice how large the light is. That might be 60 lumens.

In trying to spec out the SIG 551A1 that we have, I stumbled across some images of the LEO restricted, SIG 551 SWAT rifles. I hadn’t seen or thought of these guns in more than 20 years. But it got we wondering how difficult it would be to acquire all the 551 SWAT furniture, and build a semi-clone? 

An un-named supporter, and friend, pulled some 551 SWAT’s down from his armory’s racks and sent detailed pictures. Thanks to his generosity, we are allowed to share (some of) them with you folks here. Under one condition: his agency, his armory and himself are not to be identified. 

And I am asking the reader not to try and figure it out either. You like photos from non-public facing armories? Then let sleeping dogs lie. 






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