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SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips

SIG 550 Trigger Install
Shooting Sight SIG 550 551 556 Trigger Install

SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips

The production quality of this video is quite poor. This is because it was made for internal consumption. We have zero plans to ever go back into the trigger kit, but 5 years from now I won’t remember how I did it. So here is a video for future me. 

This video isn’t a detailed instructional on how to remove a SIG 550 / 55X trigger. It just shows some tips and lessened learned. But if you want to know where to start? 

  1. Push out the safety drum – bar. That unloads detent spring and trigger spring. 
  2. Push out the middle trigger pin. You can probably remove the axel / safety detent spring at this point. 
  3. Push out the hammer pin and spring. 

Easy peasy. It’s the process of getting it all back together that the tips shown here will make ALL the difference. 

The aftermarket trigger is made by Shooting Sight.



The SIG 551 hammer and sear product is found here:







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