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SIG 551a1 Configuration

SIG 551a1 Rifle Upgrades and configuration.
SIG 551a1 Rifle Upgrades and configuration.

Made enough upgrades and changes to the SIG USA 551a1 that it merits a video. Just easier to film it than write about it. 

Short summation:

  • Swiss Army green furniture.
  • Front and rear iron sights removed. 
  • Edger Sherman Sling.
  • BlueForce Gear sling attachments.
  • Aimpoint Micro.
  • Aimpoint 6x magnifier. 
  • Shooting Sight Trigger. 
  • Krebs safety selector. 
  • Magpul MOE plastic rail section. 
  • Surefire Scout Light – pressure pad at 12 o’clock. 
  • Military 100mph tape. 


Is this the best rifle ever? No.

Is it better than an AR-15? No. 

Is it unique in a sea of AR’s? Yes.

Do these upgrades make sense economically? No. 

The goal is to run the rifle as long as I enjoy or, or get bored with it. More to come. 






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