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Texas Pig Hunting with SIG Cross.
Texas Pig Hunting with SIG Cross.

Most of you know Doc has been in Arizona all winter. Well he is slowly driving his way back to Cincinnati. But while on the way, he is stopping in Texas at his favorite pig hunting outfit. 

Texas Pig Hunting with SIG Cross.
Doc & I discussing his first pig hunt with the sig Cross & the Sig scope.

I know you SIG guys will like the pics. And I thought his revelations about the sig scope that he bought with the rifle were also worth note. Specifically how the leveling lights were a huge negative. 

Texas Pig Hunting with SIG Cross.
Doc’s first Texas pig of 2023.

Doc was borderline on the scope after using it at the John1911 range. After this, it appears he will be selling it off. Keeping the rifle of course. Probably go back to his favorite Nightforce brand. 

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SIG Cross 6.5 Creedmoor in








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