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PhD in Materials Engineering. Retired from a major defense contractor. Former high power rifle competitor; instructor for 30 years at an elite defensive shooting school; volunteered for many years with a local SWAT team after they asked for my assistance in firearms training for team officers, and continue in that roll.

Hunt Over

Etosha National Park
I am done hunting so the Safari outfitter brought me to Etosha National Park.  About 5 hours north of the hunting camp.  This lodge is awesome.  Park...


Doc and his Waterbuck.
Hunting his done.  Took this great waterbuck this morning.  All the same people in the photo as yesterday.   What a great trip!   Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Warthog Tag Filled

Warthog Tag Filled. Namibia.
Warthog Tag Filled After two days I got this good warthog about an hour before dark tonight.  It has been cold (by Namibian standards) and these...

Blue Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest Hunt
Been out looking for a warthog.  It may take several days as this is one of the most difficult species to hunt.  Shot this blue wildebeest...

Rhinos & Hartebeest

Doc with Hartebeest
Saw some rhinos today. Walked up and got a photograph. Thought tools would like this FD1.  Just at sunset shot this red hartebeest.  A good one. Trip...

Hunting Camp

Hunting Camp Accommodations
My “hut”. I am really roughing it.  No spa.  Can’t have everything! No joy this morning. Saw lots but no opportunity for a shot. Try again this afternoon. Slept a...

Black Wildebeest

Black Wildebeest -Namibia
Finally got phone set-up.  Arrived Windhoek without issue.   Camp is flat awesome. Have my only little hut, very modern.  Everyone is great. Red...

Me in Qatar

Doc me in Qatar. Safari.
If I look like I’ve road hard and put up wet it’s because I feel like it.  About 1:00 am here and only got some...

Hogzilla Mount

Doc’s Texas Pig Mount.
Hogzilla arrived today. Here is a link Here is a link to the original post when I shot it.      Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Curve Matching Powder Loads

Superformance Powder - Curve Matching Loads.
Doc has been having issues sourcing his preferred rifle powder so he has decided to work up an alternative load with Superformance from Hodgdon....

Doc’s 270 Pound Pig

Texas Pig Hunting
OK. So Doc is back in town after his winter hiatus. As we stated earlier, he stopped in Texas at our favorite outfitter to...


Texas Pig Hunting with SIG Cross.
Most of you know Doc has been in Arizona all winter. Well he is slowly driving his way back to Cincinnati. But while on...

Christensen Arms MSR – 517 Yards

Christensen Arms MSR 6.5 Creedmoor
Christensen Arms MSR - 517 Yards Quick video of Doc shooting his 6.5CM at 517 yards. He has been holding back on shooting 6.5 due...

POTD – Wilson M17 Grip Module

SIG M17 Wilson Combat Grip Module.
Doc is still running his M17 with the Wilson Combat grip module. -Ed   Doc www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Doc Testing Bags

Shooting Sticks - Hunting
Being very organized has it’s advantages for the john1911.com website. How? In this case, Doc is getting ready for a pig hunt this winter....