Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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PhD in Materials Engineering. Retired from a major defense contractor. Former high power rifle competitor; instructor for 30 years at an elite defensive shooting school; volunteered for many years with a local SWAT team after they asked for my assistance in firearms training for team officers, and continue in that roll.

Christensen Arms MPR Velocity

Chronograph Christensen Arms MPR in 6.6 Creedmoor
Doc has settled on a load for his MPR. Here he is collecting velocity data for his ballistic calculations. Some of you might be...

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group

SCAR-20 517 Yards
SCAR-20 517 Yard Group I took these pics over the summer. Doc was going through his 155g load testing protocol for the SCAR-20. Needless to...

M&P Shield Plus

M&P 9 Shield Plus
Doc stopped by The Armory showing off his new CCW toy: A double stack, M&P Shield known as the Shield Plus.  I have to say...

The Guns Not Taken

Weatherby rifles
Editor’s note: Doc was supposed to be in Africa on Safari right now. But COVID round two was playing havoc on his logistics plan...

POTD – Christensen Arms MPR

Christensen Arms Model 14
The word on the street is Doc’s MPR has come in 10 months into his 2 month wait. Chambered in 6.5CM. His first foray...

73 Years Young

Old man shooting.
Doc on the range working on some pistol skills. Did you notice he even shot weak handed? Also good to keep that experience in...

Reloading: Don’t Skip Primer Pocket

Clean Primer Pocket
Reloading: Don’t Skip Primer Pocket Clean those primer pockets. Even after you tumble them. Carbon build up in the left. Corncob media in the right.    Doc “Shooting...

300 Weatherby For Africa

African Hunting Rifle.
Doc and I were out on the range for another project, but he wanted to get his 300 Weatherby shot. A big trip to...

Zeroing Pig Load – SCAR-20

Zeroing Hunting Load - SCAR-20
[Editor’s notes} Doc is zeroing his hunting ammo on the SCAR-20. Getting ready for Texas pig. If you don’t understand, this gun is normally zeroed...

POTD – Wilson M17 Grip Module

Wilson P320 Grip Module texture.
Doc stopped by The Armory one day for some business and brought his Sig M17 outfitted with the Wilson Combat Grip module.  —Editor    

Shooting 300WM Re-Barrel 517 Yards

Bolt Action Remington 700
Editors note: Doc was on the range on a cold December day shooting his recently re-barreled 300WM. This is his second barrel on this gun...

Truth About The SCAR-20

SCAR-20 Review
This is the “piece de resistance” of the SCAR-20 series. All your questions answered and rumors addressed: Is the SCAR-20 Accurate?  Is it accurate...

300 Winchester Magnum First Groups

The target.
Doc has shot out the barrel on his 300wm. He replaced the barrel. Worked up various loads. Picked the best. And here he...

Suppressor Strikes

Thunder beast Bullet Strike
When your gun shoots tight groups and then starts to wander. If there is a suppressor involved, best to pull it and check for...

Doc Re-Barrels PSS 700

Remington PSS 300wm
   Doc shoots quite a bit. His 300WM needed a new barrel. Second barrel he’s changed on this rifle. These are his groups working...