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Doc’s 270 Pound Pig

Texas Pig Hunting
Doc’s 270lb pig. Texas.

OK. So Doc is back in town after his winter hiatus. As we stated earlier, he stopped in Texas at our favorite outfitter to hunt pigs again. Well since we last covered this, he set the record for the largest pig of the hunt. 270lbs. 

But there is some controversy. Kinda. So here goes…

According to Doc the outfitter would see hunter’s pigs and call the estimated weights in the field and was consistently high according to the scale. Eh…happens, right?

So when Doc shot this pig, the outfitter said this pig is over 300lbs. When they got back to the scale, it came in at 270lb. At which point the outfitter is not going to have his scale replaced since he believes it’s out of spec. 

Yeah. I know. Hunting camp conversation. It’s not like the numbers really mean anything beyond bragging rights and maybe guessing cooler sizes. But just as I was about to write this article up, why not go back and look at MY pig. Shot at the same outfitter. Hanging in the same place. Maybe on the same scale. 

Click for my pig here. 

I am 6’1. 230lbs in the photo. The pig I shot was also 230lbs. Doc is 5’11 I would guess, and I know heavier than me. Now look at his pig again. Doc is standing slightly behind his pig, so that does give the slight illusion of extra size.

But damn. That looks like more than 40lbs weight difference. 

Something might be up with that scale after all. —Marky 



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