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The Devil Drill – 6/6/6 – Modified

The Devil Drill - 6/6/6
The Devil Drill 6/6/6

The Devil Drill – 6/6/6 – Modified

Time for another 1911 drill. This one is the Devil Drill and I believe the creator is Larry Vickers. It’s called that because the parameters are 6/6/6:

6 shots. 

6 yards.

6 seconds. 

The rub is you have to draw from a holster. Doesn’t have to be concealed. You have to shoot at the black bullseye on a B-8 (9-ring), and you have to do a slide-lock reload somewhere in the run. 

Any missed are scored as a 1 second penalty. 

Why is this modified? One, I am shooting at a steel target that has a slightly larger target ring than the B-8. I think about 1.5 inches. This is a big deal, and the more I look at it, my “modified” target really degrades the challenge level. But…we have the target in place and I wanted to see what was possible. 

Two, the Devil Drill’s reload is supposed to be random. Meaning someone other than yourself sets up blind magazines. Well, it’s Marky Table of One today, so I just set it up as 4-2 to mimic how I saw Vickers demo it. 

Obviously I passed, and the group would fit in the 9-ring. But going forward, I’ll need to see if I can’t make a spray-paint stencil for that steel. 

Or just setup B-8’s. I had some in the truck, but the wind was so bad that day, target stands would be flying all over the place. On top of that, the big target backers we usually have in the pit were removed for maintenance. 

First World problems.






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