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Blaser R8 270 Weatherby 230lb pig

A couple of us went down to Texas for some pig hunting. Here is a 230lb pig I shot with a Blaser R8 chambered in 270 Weatherby Magnum. The bullet is a TTSX. The scope is a S&B PMII 3-12x MTC just like the USMC sniper scopes. Minus the markings.

The pig crossed in front of my blind while it was still daylight. Moving very quickly. The outfitter said it appeared he was a smart, bigger fellow that wouldn’t stop at feeders but do a kind of “drive by” on them. They had detected the tracks and suspected as much, but this pig proved the theory.

Here’s the thing, he trotted out of the woodline to my left and WASN’T headed towards the feeder. So I had to make a split decision: do I wait and see if he pops back out of cover at he feeder? Or do I go ahead and take the shot I have?

The decision. I put one right up through his butt to fix him, and then finished him off. Hours later when the owner showed up to collect me, I was informed what a, “Texas Heart Shot” was. And that I had succeeded in doing one!

For size reference, I am 6’1 235lbs. The pig weighed in at just over 230lbs.



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