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Bolt-on Side Charging Handle

The Hard Charger in original packaging.

OK. Let me start off with a confession: I can’t believe I like this product. And I know as I am typing this many people reading this will be rolling their eyes muttering, “C’mon, Dude!”. And since you weren’t there, I sympathize. “There is no-way this product isn’t a gimmick”, is literally what I said out loud as I eye’d it from afar.

But here’s the problem. When I picked it up and started messing with it, I was shocked at how solid, stable and slick this contraption works. It’s surprisingly slick. And it seems almost genius in concept.

Now..back to reality. I haven’t actually shot a rifle with this thing on it. And the first worry, that I expressed to the vendor, was the fear screws and parts would start to walk under extended recoil. So if, and it’s a big if, I were to buy one of these and play with it, THAT is the first issue I would be looking for. Stick it on a rifle and put some mags through it and then check the screws.

Even if it didn’t walk, I would probably be dropping some thread-locker in there somewhere.

Still with me?

After all of that worst-case thought process, I still think it’s a neat product I would like to try. Just for shits & giggles. My primary rifle is a SCAR 16 with a side changing handle. So…maybe a SIG MPX 9mm with this bolt-on kit would be a neat and fun range toy. With the same manual of arms as my SCAR!

Again, I need to stress this point for the uninitiated: this is a range-toy! In no way is this product safe or advisable for serious use. So DON’T. GET. IT. TWISTED. But if you are someone who vomits in the mouth every time you have to grab a T-handle, and already own the AR to stick it on, what the hell!

When I get time, I might actually pay money for this. The Hard Charger from Devil Dog Concepts.


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