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John1911 Podcast Episode 36

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

Ep36 of the John1911 Podcast.


We had some technical issues this episode. Both sites were suffering from internet outages. Our regular podcast recording software wasn’t working. And Freeze’s audio seems a little tin-can’ish. My apologizes. We will work better next time to get the quality back up.

  • Fake WWI Relics flood the market.
  • RIA gets a FAMAS F1 for auction.
  • Bernie Sanders sells out. AGAIN!
  • Did the Clintons kill a DNC leaker?
  • Saudi’s leak their M1 Abrams loses in Yemen.
  • TSA and a fake plastic revolver?
  • PD chooses the VP40.
  • Civilian shot by LEO at citizens academy.
  • Freeze explains his misspent childhood


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