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Superformance Powder - Curve Matching Loads.
Superformance Powder - Curve Matching Loads.

Doc has been having issues sourcing his preferred rifle powder so he has decided to work up an alternative load with Superformance from Hodgdon. The rifle is his Christensen Arms 6.5CM. The bullet is a Berger 130g Hybrid OTM. 

The interesting thing is he didn’t come up with this load through trial and error. He used “curve matching” math to calculate the powder charge. And he nailed it. 

Final personal note. This video is obviously NOT brought to you by Magnetospeed. Look. I get it. My gripes come off a petty. They are popular and provide a number at the muzzle so data collection is very precise. That is IF you can get it to collect data.

This session wasn’t completely derailed. But in my experience, when the Magnetospeed trouble starts, I have seen the fiddle factor last for 30 or more minutes. I just hate shit that doesn’t work because I am so busy. Doc is much more patient. —Marky 





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