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I have gotten enough questions about this that it warrants a video. Also at some point, we will probably need this video internally. 

What is the “trick” to taking down the SIG P210? The answer is simple, just pull the slide rearward to just beyond the first slide serration. That lines up the takedown hole with the slide-stop. 


The final issue that puts people in the trick-bag is the slide-stop on these guns is fitted very tightly. This is intentional. And perhaps after a few hundred or thousand rounds, it loosens up? 

But initially, even when users do line up everything correctly, the usually tight slide-stop makes then question if something is wrong?

It is not. Line up the slide to the back of the frame as I describe, push the slide-stop through the frame as far as you can with your fingers. Once up, use a non-marring tool to lift it the rest of the way. 

Pro-tip, once the slide-stop “is up” release pressure on the slide, that releases spring pressure on the slide-stop, making it easier to remove. To describe this in words is painful, to demo it on video is easy. 

Good luck. 






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