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Single Stack Bill Drill Work

Wilson Combat 1911
Single Stack Bill Drill Work

Yes, I am also shooting Bill Drills with the single stack 1911. Wilson Combat eXperior, 5”, 9mm, 1911. 

Is this a, “great run”? No. Let me explain. 

The Bill Drill at it’s “professional distances” is shot at 7 yards. 6 shots. Par is considered 3.5 seconds. 2.5 seconds is considered good. 

But…and this is a big one. The unwritten rule among real Pistoleros is 2 seconds or less. With 2 being considered a master-class run. Everybody who is anybody wants to shoot this at 2 seconds or less. 

2.55 sucks rocks. 

And the real hit to the ego? My best run of the day? I didn’t record on film. 2.11 seconds.

The work is the payoff. Not the destination. 






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