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Situational Awareness — Option B

McDonald's Drive-Thru

There is a phrase that has become very common in the firearms / self-defense community. It’s a phrase that I am sure many of you are familiar with, “Situational Awareness”.

I read and hear that phrase dropped as the solution to just about any “tactical problem” or news story reporting something bad happening to innocent victims. Whether true or not! It’s almost like “situational awareness” has become the Option B on any multiple choice question. Did I lose you?

Post Office

Back in school there were always people trying to slide by and not do the work needed to pass a test. So…the least dumb of these dummies came up with a wonderful hypothesis. The theory went like this: On any multiple choice question, if you don’t know the answer, always guess B. Because some dummy put in a lot of time and effort (to stay dumb mind you) figuring out statistically that on a multiple choice test, the answer was more times B than any other option.

To these people, it doesn’t matter if the subject of the test is Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Physics, English Literature, Force-on-Force, No-Low Light Training, Precision Rifle, Tactical Rifle, CQB, Ground Fighting, et all. To them, the answer is always, “Situational Awareness”…ummm…I mean, “B”.

Walmart. They’re actually fighting over YOLO vs Carpe Diem.

Disclosure. I used to teach. I’m good at it. I don’t teach anymore. And one of the main reasons is my frustration with seeing more and more supposedly trained people always parroting, “Situational Awareness”. And to make it even worse these types usually prance and preen all proud of themselves for being right. Spend enough time around these folks, you’ll start to notice a pattern: Option B, Option B, Option B, Option B, Option B selected as the answer for every single scenario.

What they’re really saying is, “I’m too smart to allow that to happen to me”. Uh huh. When I hear Option B dropped, especially first, I know I’m likely dealing with someone who doesn’t actually comprehend the question or how to derive a correct answer.

McDonald’s Drive-Thru

But I’m going to help all you B-boys out by giving you a new Option B. You’ll be able to take this data, just like the theorem above, and overlay it across society and very frequently be correct. As a matter of fact, I encourage you all to start training businesses and trade on this data. You’ll make millions, men will want to be you, and women will want to be with you (feel free to flip that, Gloria Steinem). Your students will benefit greatly and go forth on every gun forum as your acolytes making you the Next Big Thing.

Here goes…do you want to lower your chances of being involved in an altercation? Do you want to lower your chances of being assaulted? Robbed? Party to a drug deal? Being in a car accident? Domestic violence incident? Possibly killed even! Or being around those who will fall victim to these events thus making you collateral damage? Just do these three situationally aware things and YOU, yes YOU, will see a significant drop in your victim selection matrix. Don’t go to Walmart, McDonald’s, or the Post Office.


Don’t like that answer? You’ll be right more than Option B. So what’s the problem?


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