So I Forgot My Staple Gun

Thought I would share an unflattering story. I’ve been shooting quite a bit of steel and wanted to change it up. Need to focus more on accuracy. And my go-to drills for that are “Dot-Drills” or “Holes in Holes”.

The dot drill is where I place some 1-inch circles on a IDPA target and practice keeping shots in the circles. Changing up speed. Dot transitions. Dominate – weak hand, etc. You get the idea. While it is “possible” do this on steel, what happens is the splash ends up obliterating the dot.

Luckily I had 3 portable steel targets in the truck.

Luckily I had 3 portable steel targets in the truck.

The “Holes-in-Holes” drill is just as it is described. The shooter places a shot on a cardboard target. The key is to watch for where the sights were located when the shot breaks and correlate that with the hole in the target. Now the killer…you need to place your follow-up shots inside the same hole. The dream is 5 shots in one hole no bigger than the diameter of the caliber you are using. Again, not optimal on steel because of the splash.

Well, there I was all by myself, looking like a goat since all the staplers were back in the armory. Why you ask? That’s for another post. But it doesn’t matter: “Sheep go heaven, goats go to hell”. My fault. Didn’t hit the checklist.

Cardboard targets don't stick themselves to stands.

Cardboard targets don’t stick themselves to stands.

As fortune would have it, I still had 3 steel targets in the truck, with the necessary paint and PACT Timer. So…poor me. I had to shoot steel…again. It happens.

Tough life.

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