Sporterizing Mausers

They’re bygone days now because you can buy a quality and accurate rifle like a Mossberg or Savage for a few hundred bucks, but it used to be that if you wanted a good rifle on the cheap, you would build one from a surplus Mauser. I was fortunate to catch the tail end of that era. Actions were plentiful and inexpensive, Brownell’s had any modification part you could think of, Fajen had semi-inletted stocks and Midway offered short-chambered barrels you could thread in at home and finish ream by hand using a rented chamber reamer.

A lot of Mauser sporterizing stuff is still available from those sources, but actions are harder to come by and not so cheap. These days, sporterizing a Mauser isn’t so much about saving a few bucks, but instead about having a “guy” project to work on—though women can sporterize a Mauser equally well.



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