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SRO – 4000 Rounds

Trijicon SRO durability.
I clean with fingers or sometimes my shirt.

So….we are not gear reviewers. But…we do get questions about how well the SRO is holding up?

In a word: great! 

With these pics it has seen over 4000 rounds fired and has been daily carried for about a year. Plus or minus a month. 

The wear seen on the objective housing? I am still not 100% sure that is from brass contact. On video, the ejection cycle throws the casings clear of the optic. Not saying it never contacts brass. It just doesn’t do it on the regular. I suspect this mark is from AIWB holster contact.

Final note. Yes, I know the SRO is not “duty rated”. But I wouldn’t get all wrapped around the axle on that subject as a civilian CCW carrier. If you don’t engage in regular ground-and-pound sessions at your local Dopers-R-Us corner, it’s very, very, very unlikely you can “crack” the SRO. 

And I choose that word specifically. Not “break”, but “crack” the SRO. The reason being even if you cracked the lens, the RDS would likely still be functional in a gunfight. 

So…should we give it to a bunch of 75th Ranger Regiment guys for low-level, static line, combat jumps onto to commie airfields? No. Every hard landing would give us a 1:4 chance of cracking a lens. 

Strong enough for your average Meal-Team-Six operator, Concealed Carry holder, or high volume competition shooter? Easy day.

Buy with confidence. 







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