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SRO Battery Died

1911 red Dot
SRO Red Dot Battery Died.

Red Dot Battery Died

I didn’t realize I had gone quite so long with the current battery in the SRO. While at the range, I pulled the gun out of the holster, the dot was gone. It was there in the AM when I got out of bed. So it must have died in transit. 

Looking at the date, I see I went a little long with the battery this time. My rule is to not run them to the extremes of the published specs. But instead to change them conservatively.

Additionally…it should be noted I run RDS batteries a little harder than most. Since this is my daily CCW gun, I cycle the dot to bright during the day, and cycle it down around dusk. So it spends most work days on probably 7. 

If it’s a full sun day, it’s on a pretty high intensity. But not max. The SRO is plenty visible in full sun conditions. But by me actively managing the power consumption, I don’t get the advantages of the computerized, low power mode. 

Finally…I prefer Duracell batteries. But these are what I had in the truck so I am just working through them. The copper-tops are back at The Armory. 

So how often do you change pistol RDS batteries?






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