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1911 Drill – Holes in Holes Drill

1911 Drill - Holes in Holes Drill.
1911 Drill - Holes in Holes Drill.

Starting Over – Holes in Holes Drill

After not having fired a pistol in about 4 weeks, I was in some serious need of a tune-up. What better way to do that than a Holes-in-Holes Drill. 

Just like the name suggests, the goal to put 5 shoots into 1 hole the same diameter of the caliber you are firing. For example a “perfect” run shown here would be 5 shots into 1 hole measuring .355” wide. 

Some can do that. Personally I have come very close when shooting 45ACP 1911’s in the early 2000’s. Today with 9mm? Not even close. 

So what’s the point? Simple. It forces the user to focus not only on sight picture, but POI relative to sights at the release of the shot. Without seeing that, it would be very difficult to put the following 4 shoots into that same hole. 

Make: Wilson Combat.

Model: Wilson eXperior Full Size.

Caliber: 9mm.

Sights: Irons, FO front. 

Distance to target: 3 yards. 

Final note: This kind of drill is something you can keep in your back pocket. Train at a range that won’t allow drawing from the holster? Shoot it fully pressed out. After that, shoot it starting at compressed ready. 

Shoot at a range that won’t allow rapid fire? This isn’t rapid fire. You mastered the drill and need more of a challenge? Shoot each shot individually from the holster. Don’t have access to a real 25 yard pistol range, no excuses! This is shot at 3 yards! Get after it! 

3 yards is so early 2000’s these days? Fine. Be a modern bad-ass and shoot it at 4 or 5 yards. Completely suck at 3 yards? Crawl before you can walk: Shoot it at 2 yards or 1.5. 

In short: No excuses. This drill can be shot with 5 rounds. At 2 yards. Basically at a tree in your backyard. Miss me with your, “Man, I wish I had access to a nice gun range like you guys”. 

How in da-fuck you think someone gets his or her own gun range? Works in the firearms industry. Or have any dream job later in life? Put in the mundane work. Master what needs to be mastered. The rest will come. 






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