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Steyr GB Pistol
Steyr GB Pistol

Been looking for one of these for quite a while, but the prices on the auction sites never seemed appropriate to what their real worth is. 

And it took a while, but my persistence paid off. Found one of these sitting in a gun store on the East Coast. Priced cheaper than a new Glock. 

This video is just a function test and check-out before it gets logged into The Armory reference collection. The particulars:

  1. Manufacturer Steyr of Austria. 
  2. Model: Steyr GB.
  3. Action: Fixed barrel, gas operated. 
  4. Action: DA/SA.
  5. Safety: None. Slide mounted de-cocker. 
  6. Caliber 9mm.
  7. Capacity: 18+1 double stack, double feed, box magazine. 
  8. Construction – All metal. 
  9. Finish: Slide blued. Frame: Proprietary – “Crinkle finish”.
  10. Condition: Used, very good. 

A couple of observations. Some folks say this pistol is “soft shooting”. If that is true, it is more likely because of the ammunition weight and size of the pistol. Not the action. 

It is my hypothesis that the gas-operated slide, once unlocked, travels very fast over a short period. It is also my observation the recoil spring in the pistol is very strong. Much stronger than most modern 9mm service pistols of the same size. 

Why? It is trying compensate for the faster slide speed. These data points don’t add up to a “softer shooting gun” mechanically. Perhaps one day I can put the gun under a high-speed, high-resolution, slow-motion camera to confirm or disprove my theory. But we probably won’t. That’s not really something we have time to do. 

Final note: We only have one magazine for this pistol. Should you have a spare Steyr GB mag laying around, drop us a note. We would like to have at least 1 or possibly 2 more. 






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