Stop Arguing the Orlando Shooter Didn’t Use a AR Rifle

I have to say something to my fellow pro-gun advocates. Don’t be so quick to promote the “The Orlando shooter didn’t use an AR” thing.

Why? One, it means you are giving up the argument about the AR. Which you shouldn’t do.

Two, I personally don’t give a flying Freak if the SIG MCX uses a buffer-tube, is DI or piston driven. And neither should you. See number One.

Three: all the gun bans have always been written to cover models, designs, classifications, brands, copies of et all, and features. See 922, 94AWB, CA-DOJ and NYSAFE-ACT.

You’re geeking out and actually NOT helping. You think you are, but I assure you, you are not. All that is happening is you are playing into the Lefty Semantic game. A suckers game they will always win.

A gun is a gun is a gun is a gun.
Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.
Jihad is jihad is jihad is jihad.
Communism is communism is communism is communism.
Government debt is government debt is government debt is government debt.
Unemployed is unemployed is unemployed is unemployed.
Freedom is freedom is freedom is freedom.

SIG MCX Rifle Used by the Orlando Shooter

SIG MCX Rifle Used by the Orlando Shooter

Stop with the new-speak because all that is going to happen is the Left is going to check-mate you on that bull$hit with banning MSR – Modern Sporting Rifles. The exact phrase YOU created to beat them. See point one.

Seriously people. Just stop.

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