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Street Watch: Revolver With Flashlight

Street Watch: Revolver with Flashlight.
Street Watch: Revolver with Flashlight.

The included photo was produced out of a police blotter story. In it the suspect, who should have probably been in jail on a high bond, was walking the streets and shot a child. 

Neither here nor there, I thought the pistol used was pretty smart. Let me explain. 

Imagine a world where this is the only gun you can get access to. No custom Smiths, no tricked out Colts and certainly no Korths. 

For the application distances where most handguns are utilized, I would postulate giving up the itty-bitty sights for a white light makes a lot of sense. A LOT. If you hang the light below the barrel, your access to the ejector rod is compromised. 

If one hangs the light at 3 o’clock, that effectively doubles the thickness of the weapon which does two bad things: One it will print badly. Two, it is more likely to get fouled on the [assuming waistband] draw. 

Should you hang it at 9 o’clock, your ability to reload the weapon might be compromised by blocking or restricting access to the ejector rod. 

Finally, by having the light up at 12 o’clock, I suspect the front sight blade also acts as a sort of stop to help keep the flashlight body in place. 

As much as I don’t like admitting it, I must acknowledge there is a lot of street smarts wrapped up on this gun. You see, “gun people” would tie themselves in knots trying to keep all the features useful and accessible. But on the street, the users are much more practical. 

I haven’t seen street guns in well over a decade. This one looks damn smart to me. 






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