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Suppressor Overgases AR-10

Suppressor Overgases AR-10
Suppressor Overgases AR-10

We had a shooter visit the the range last week. He was looking to zero this thermal optic for Texas pig. 

It is also my understanding that he hasn’t had his suppressor very long. But I might be mistaken about that. 

While shooting I noticed he was having some stoppages every so  often. Suspicious, I decided to set up the camera on his gun. 

What we discovered was increased bolt speed with it’s expected malfunctions. Further examination also showed expanded primer pockets with some primers starting to fall out. 

Unbeknownst to the shooter, his rifle was running just beyond the edge of it’s performance window. All because of the suppressor that was attached. 

AR-10’s are known for unlocking early with increased pressure. But that pressure not only originates from “hot loadings”, but also from heavier bullets and suppressors. 

If you have an AR-10 rifle and stick a suppressor on it? Pay close attention to what happens. Function isn’t enough. Look at the brass. Look at the primers & pocket. Look at the rims. Make sure everything is Kosher. 

Some of you guys are shooting 147g ball, unsuppressed. Up to 180g suppressed. In the same AR-10? That might as well be two different guns. 

Be careful. 






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