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S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus.
The S&W Model 10 we got from AIM.

So has anyone else picked up one of the model 10’s that have been flowing back into the country? Personally I have been keeping an eye on Model 10’s for quite some time. 

In particular I wanted: 

  1. Used.
  2. Heavy Barrel.
  3. Bobbed Hammer.
  4. 4” Barrel.

AIM Surplus was blowing some out and the price was just too good to not give it a try. Sure it’s not bobbed, but if I really want to have it done, that should be easy. 

The verdict? Just OK. 

S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus.
Left side of the Model 10-8 .

Now before everyone jumps down my throat about unrealistic expectations on LE/MIL trade-ins? Let me explain. 

I am not sure if it’s this example or indicative of the whole batch of 10’s. But personally I was probably the one guy who wanted a WELL used gun. And while this gun is used, the DA pull certainly doesn’t seem like it’s broken in at all. 

Which when you add that data point to the amount of finish still on the exterior? I’m guessing shot very little? Or mostly shot in single-action. 

Revolvers like this are dual purpose in The Armory. One, reference guns should someone want to be familiar with X,Y,Z gun? Two, I like to shoot guns like this in double action. All the time. 

S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus.
S&W Model 10-8 AIM Surplus ad.

I subscribe to the theory if you can shoot a DA gun? You can shoot anything. And even further, I believe shooting DA guns makes you a much better single-action / striker shooter. 

So what to do? Maybe it stays in The Armory and just is what it is? Maybe I get better grips for it, a few CASES of 38spl and try to break it in myself? Send it off for a DA trigger job? Or possibly trade it to a S&W collector who might want to get out of his Model 10 beater? 

I know. I know. 

“Some people’s children, Rick”. 






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