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SWAT Team Review – Steyr GB Pistol

Review Steyr GB
SWAT Team Review of Steyr GB Pistol.

Interesting video for us to make. When we first popped up with the Steyr GB for The Armory reference collection, there were a number of viewers who seemed to believe this gun was somehow special. Or better. Or perhaps made during a magical time when quality and old school craftsmanship reigned supreme. 

“They don’t make them like that anymore”, one viewer stated. 

Well…Actually holding the pistol in hand, and having shot it a little bit, I knew all of that thinking wasn’t based in reality. And…probably…originates from some collector forum somewhere. 

Then my new friend, the [REDACTED SWAT] officer, sent me an e-mail. And right away I knew his message was special and worth sharing. 

So after clearing it with him, doing all the expected redactions, here is his team’s experience with the Steyr GB pistol as an issued team gun. 







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