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T91 Clone Rifle

The T91 is the designation for the Taiwanese Military (ROC) service rifle. 

While fundamentally based off the M16, it does have particular furniture and a piston gas system. 

Wolf brought in the uppers a few years ago, so it just made sense to source the easy stuff. Those parts are from t91tactical.

Final assembly was done by our 07, LMG Firearms. 

Side note: this rifle matches the T91 in all aspects but one minor detail: we changed the trigger group. The original T91 trigger has a select fire drum. 

Since this receiver doesn’t have an auto sear, it was just much easier to drop in a standard GI trigger. Especially considering the T91 trigger is nothing special and still gives the user service rifle pull characteristics.

Special thanks to Matt at LMG and T91tactical for the support and handholding. 






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