Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Buffalo Bill Museum Air Gun Display

As a young child my most prized possession was my BB Gun. Mine is a Red Ryder lever action made by the Daisy Corporation....

Arms Factory

Ok how many of you have ever entertained the fantasy of starting your own gun company? Or designing and building your own guns? Be...

Factory Colt 1911 Cutaway for Winchester

These images have a lot going for them. One, it’s a cool Colt 1911. Two, the cutaway was done by Colt for Winchester. Three,...

Mannlicher 1905 Pistol

I took this photo at the Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum. It’s a Mannlicher model of 1905 chambered in 7.65 Mannlicher. I always thought it...

Bill Weaver Scope Display

What we have here is a collection of scope and scope designs attributed to Bill Weaver and his Weaver Scope Company that so many...