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More Remington Guns

More Remingtons

The estate I have been working with is sending over more guns to look at. Just a preview.    Freeze www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Thumb - Remington Iroquois Revolver

Remington Iroquois revolver

The Remington Iroquois revolver is the smallest in the Remington line. It's a little 7 shot 22 rimfire, and was introduced to compete with...
Remington New Police

Remington New Police

Remington New Police revolver in .36 caliber percussion and 38 caliber short; rimfire factory conversions. There have been approximately 25,000 of these made and to...
1858 Remington Rimfire Conversion

Remington 1858 Cartridge Conversion

Remington started converting the 1858 revolver to cartridge conversions in 1868. Due to patents held by Smith & Wesson on the bore thru cylinder;...
1858 Remington-Beals Army Revolver

Beals-Remington 1858 Army Model Revolver

The Beals-Remington Revolver was produced between 1861 and 1862. They made approximately 1900 in the Army configuration of 8 inch barrel and .44 caliber.  The...