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CZ SP-01 Tactical

SHS-64: CZ SP-01 Tactical

SHS-64: CZ SP-01 Tactical What we have here is a fully tricked out CZ-75 known at the SP-01 Tactical. Pretty cool gun with every option...

SHS 20: CZ-75 Compact

On this episode of the second hand showcase we have a design that’s fairly famous worldwide: this CZ pattern of handgun. This particular example...

CZ P-10C Initial Impressions

CZ P-10 C initial impressions and observations. The most important if you don't want to watch the video? This is NOT a G19 sized pistol....


A good friend of ours is letting us borrow his brand new CZ P-10 pistol. He says we don’t need to worry about scratching...

Handguns Seen at 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge

I know the subject of issued military handguns is always a hot-button topic among most firearms enthusiasts. I suspect the reason for this isn’t...