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GRS Bag Rider

GRS Bag Rider

Not too sure we need this, but looking at the rear of the Ragnarok chassis, I can see where this could come in handy...

GRS Bipod

Precision rifle subject update. I have decided to purchase a GRS bipod. Having never run an under-hang setup, I am very curious to see...
Carry Your Precision Rifle

Carry Your Precision Rifles

Without casting any stones, I just want to make a pretty basic but often overlooked point: It doesn’t matter if your rifle is green,...
Don't Just Shoot Prone - Barricade Shooting.

Barricade Shooting: Don’t Just Shoot Prone

Just trying to get a little practice in on the barricade. Getting used to the new chassis and suppressor. Rifle: Blaser. Caliber: 243 Chassis:...