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POTD — M1 Garand with Red Dot Sight

I know this photo will cause quite a bit of ass-hurt but I know of at least one older shooter who stopped shooting his...

M1 Garand Cutaway

I love cutaways. I really, really do. But the truth is I only have so much wall space so selecting some cutaways to buy...

En-Bloc Clip Loader

This popped up recently on the internet and I just have been fascinated. An En-Bloc clip loader for M1 Garand rifle clips. If I...

POTD – M1 Garand Sniper Rifle

Thought these were neat images. Looking closer, I am guessing this is a M1C variant since the scope mount is bolted to the receiver....
1903 Sniper M1 Garand Sniper

Mil-Surp Snipers are Fun as Hell

I have to admit it. I am on a military-surplus sniper rifle kick. In my real life, I desire and need extremely accurate rifles....