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Ross Rifle vs Blaser Rifle

Straight Pull: Ross Rifle vs Blaser 

Straight Pull: Ross Rifle vs Blaser  User question: What are the differences between the Ross straight pull and the Blaser straight pulls?  In short? Everything. Besides...

Ross 1905 Bolt Install

We had to make this for our own reference collection and figured many of you would also benefit from the video. How to install,...

A Rifle We Passed on – Ross 1905 Sporterzied

Occasionally. Not Often. But occasionally I get an email or private message that goes something like this, “I wish I could find the deals...

Ross Rifle Stock Cracks

We talked about the Ross Rifle project in Episode 57 of the John1911 Podcast. Here is a teaser pic of one of the cracks....

Armory Chat EP11 — Ross Rifle Bayonet Drama

The best laid plans of mice and men. Canadian made, US marked Ross MKII rifle. We sourced a bayonet for it…and…I'll let the video...