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SCAR 20s Has Arrived

One of our good friends, who our readers have seen shooting his SCAR-17s many times, has sold off his 17 and replaced it with...

Close Range Steel Safety Testing

So we are working on getting the upper range finished. And one thing that has been a nagging issue up there is steel that...

Make it a Point to Shoot in Bad Weather

Today was scheduled to be a range day. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate. But unless there is lightning, our range is operational. My point? Don’t...

SCAR-16 Light Reconfigure

Been making some changes to the SCAR-16 since it is being moved up to Truck-Gun duty. I have replaced the Scout Light with a Surefire...

Video — How to Check for SCAR Bolt Damage by Magazine

Quick video demoing how to check that your magazines aren't damaging the bolt on your SCAR rifle   Marky www.john1911.com "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"

Video — Checking Torque on SCAR-16

After complete disassembly of the SCAR-16, we took it out to conform the screw torque settings were holding. This is just a small segment...