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Gemtech Integra Still Chasing Function

Gemtech Integra – Still Chasing Function

Title says it all. Cheapammo sent over some Hornady Frontier 55g ammo for the Gemtech Integra.  It does run better. Which isn’t saying much. But...
Is Wolf Gold MILSPEC?

Is Wolf Gold Loaded to MILSPEC

So something funny happened with the Gemtech Integra. Wolf steel cased ammo runs, basically, perfectly. Wolf Gold, brass cased ammo, chokes. The Gemtech Integra is...
Gemtech Integra first shots, first impressions.

Gemtech Integra First Impressions

In a word: Favorable.  The upper is lighter than I would have expected. The gas to the shooters face is almost NIL. And it seems...
POTD - Gemtech Integra Suppressed Upper.

POTD – Gemtech Integra Arrives

Now I have a suppressed upper! Ho-Ho-Ho! -Marky #john1911 #gemtechintegra #gemtechsilencer @gemtechsuppressors     Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”