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45-70 Hunting Negatives

45-70 Hunting — The Downside

    Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Ohio Buck 2019 Gun Season

Ohio Buck 2019

2019 Ohio Gun Season.  1 buck & 2 doe.  Wild West 45-70 Co-Pilot  Old video showing the Wild West Co-Pilot 45-70 used: Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

POTD – Wild West Co-Pilot in The Pit

Been a while since we have had the Co-Pilot out. And it was a good chance to test some of the  new targets with...

POTD — Opening Day Gun Season

Made it a point to hunt Freeze’s property this year. Was hoping to break in the Wild West Co-Pilot with some meat. But alas,...

Video — Takedown Rifles Are Cool

A viewer asked what I thought of takedown rifles. What better way to answer that question than to show one of our takedown rifles....