Talley Scope Base. Blaser R8. Blaser R93

Talley Base for Blaser Rifles

Talley has a custom scope base system for the Blaser R8 and R93 rifle system that is pretty neat. 

The top half of the rail is removable with different MOA options. The 1913 rails are 0,20,30 MOA. Additionally there is a rail that uses the traditional Talley scope base system. Looking on the internet, you can buy the complete system or save a few bucks and just get the MOA you need. 

Talley Scope Base. Blaser R8. Blaser R93

Talley Scope Base kit for Blaser Rifle. MOA: 0,20,30. Plus additional Talley ring base.

I have used Talley bases on Blasers for a number of years. Possibly a decade. The main driver of why is the use of higher-power military style optics. I find that anything above 15x magnification tends to giver the user a shorter eye-relief / smaller eye-box. 

The Talley system allows me to keep the optic further back towards the shooter’s eye. 

Talley Scope Base. Blaser R8. Blaser R93

Each rail is marked for cant. This is BL20. Blaser 20MOA.

Finally. And this is kind of a big deal. It is my opinion that Blaser owners need to understand that modern tactical and military style optics are always heavier than lower power hunting glass. 

A LOT of aftermarket scope bases out there are WAY too thin and weak for this heavier glass. Under recoil, these thin bases can and do flex. While you might get away with it on a low volume hunting application; a high volume shooter will start to see issues with his optic. In some cases serious issues. 

Talley Scope Base. Blaser R8. Blaser R93

I use blue loctite on the screws. Honestly, I could use red since I don’t change MOA bases ever.

Big glass, on top of a major caliber, that will be shot a lot, needs substantial rings and bases to hold it together. Just look at the factory Blaser 1913 bases on their military / police rifles. 

That isn’t like that so people can jump out of helicopters with their rifles and LARP in the woods. I mean, sure. It doesn’t hurt. But the main motivator is to keep their scope attachment rigid under recoil. Especially for a rifle that is expected to see 10,000 rounds through it on the regular. 

Buyer beware. 






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