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The Hillbilly Drill

The Hillbilly Drill
The Hillbilly Drill

While on the range loading mags, I happened to notice an usual situation. At least unusual for “professional” gun ranges.  I was sitting on my truck. With all my gear. Loading mags and drinking water. Exactly 7 yards from a steel target. 

Squared up too. 

Which if you know anything about the famous Bill Drill? Matches its distance perfectly. Ear-pro, mags, ammo, eye-pro? Yup. Hell! Even the shot timer was in reach! 

How could I not do this? 

So…on the beep. 6 shots. From the holster. On target. No misses allowed. Why not use the A-zone from a IDPA target? Simple. I didn’t have one setup. I was in front of steel.

And yes, it was bigger than the standard IDPA A-zone The Bill Drill requires. Which is why we are now calling this…wait for it…The Hillbilly Drill [THE hillBILLy DRILL].

But don’t think it’s all fun and games and just anything goes. Sure…we let you slide on the target sizing. But you must, without exception or deviation, shoot this drill from the tailgate of an honest to goodness pickup truck. 

No SUV’s or estate cars allowed. We ain’t heathens after all. 






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