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The Italian 1911

Beretta 92x Performance
Beretta 92x Performance. An all steel 92 series of pistol that can be operated cocked-and-locked.

The fundamental side effect of getting back into the 1911 game is the realization that just about any cocked & locked handgun will require zero manual of arms adjustments.

Thus the appeal of the Beretta 92X Performance. Because this is basically an Italian 1911. 

Don’t believe me? Consider the following:

Successful handguns come is basically 3 formats these days: They are the Glock format, the 1911 format, or revolvers. 

The first format is obvious. Striker guns with minimalist to no control surfaces. Basically Glock. 

The second type is denoted by a likely beavertail, cocked and locked safety, and the ability to ride said frame mounted safety with your dominant hand. Pretty much a…1911. 

Finally revolvers…the tell-tale-sign is that weird round thing which moves. Doesn’t hold much ammo. And worst of all…reloading the thing requires the user to fundamentally disassemble the gun. Every wheel gun ever. 

Closing thoughts:

  • Did we need another Beretta? No.
  • Did we want another Beretta? Not particularly. 
  • Will we shoot this gun a whole bunch? Maybe. Maybe not. 

But we still had to buy the 92XPER to maintain my intellectual integrity. For 30 years I have said, “the slide mounted safety on the 92/M9 series of guns just trashes it’s ergonomics”. 

Now Beretta is calling out my bullshit. And I suspect I will be vindicated. BTW…if you want one of these frame mounted safety guns? My advice is to wait. Especially if you think this all steel model is too expensive + heavy. Dollars to doughnuts Beretta will release an aluminum framed model within 12-18 months. 

We live in a golden age of consumer firearms. We really do. 






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