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The John1911 Podcast Episode 37

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

Episode 37 of the John1911 Podcast.

**I apologize for the degraded sound quality on Freeze’s connection. It’s a software issue we will have addressed before the next episode publishes.

  • Glock 17M – GEN 5 hits the streets.
  • Mall Ninja during NC Mall Shooting.
  • Libertarian Party is running two anti-gun candidates.
  • AR-70 Mags have arrived.
  • Two US Olympians destroy their careers by dis’ing US.
  • CNN gets busted editing weave-girl video.
  • Victory Motorcycles.
  • The FBI won’t stop Hillary or the CGI.
  • More DNC enemies dies mysteriously.
  • UK MOD plane almost crashes because of Nikon camera.



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