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The King, Heir, Spare: 2020

The King, The Heir & The Spare
The King, The Heir and The Spare.

One thing with royalty is your position always changes. A Prince or Duke can become King. And eventually all Kings get set out to pasture. The 45 caliber gun on the far right, with real ivory grips, is my old work gun. That gun saw many years of faithful service (including two refinishes and one pistol-whipping) and is now put out to pasture.

The new King is the double stack 9mm on the left. The Heir is the single stack 9mm in the middle. Which we have informed Wilson Combat will be staying with us permanently.

Obviously should there be a need, the Old King can be called up for service at anytime. But being relegated to “spare” status, it’ll likely spend the rest of it’s days dating B-List actresses and embarrassing the family with trashy tabloid pics.





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