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The Melt Your Face Drill

Glock 35 40S&W

Ok. Confession time. This isn’t really a drill. This is what most shooting actually is: Slow, Tedious, Administrative, or Repetitive shooting. 

In this case, I am zeroing fixed sights on a Glock 35 in 40S&W. 

Why you may ask? Simple. One of the PD’s that we are hosting, as it unexpecidy turns out, carry Glock 22’s in 40S&W. And…they are GEN 4 models. Which means, expect at least a decade of them being in service. 

And if they are going to show up with 40 Glocks, then it is only polite and proper to also shoot a 40 Glock on those days. But that presents me with a slight problem. 

We have ONE 40S&W handgun in the armory. And I never bothered to actually loc-tite and zero the Wilson Combat / Vickers sights for it. 

So…that is what you are getting today. Sighting in a gun I don’t want to shoot, in the mud and freezing cold. But even when it all sucks…I still have to get it done. I need to focus on the trigger and sights. I need to call my shots. I need to hold tight groups. And   I need to hit the target. 

Because even one miss means melting your face off! 





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