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The No Fly List Is a Lie

No Fly List

Be very careful if you support the latest feel-good proposals about using the No-Fly-List to restrict gun rights.
1. Let’s be honest. What is the No-Fly-List really supposed to be?
2. If you have an answer to 1, then why are people on the No-Fly-List walking around without being prosecuted?
3. If 1 & 2 aren’t being done, then what actually IS the no-Fly-List and WTF is it for? And who’s on it? And why?
Frankly? Honest answer? Republicans and Democrats are stupid. And they both show how stupid when the N.F.L. Comes up. Why? Because the NFL is just a made up fantasy by not enforcing current laws. Sound familiar? Does the phrase “assault weapon” ring a bell?


Here is WHAT the NFL really is: people who should be charged and convicted on RICO and terrorism charges. The rest: those who we spy on 24/7 getting ready to RICO their butts.
So by NOT enforcing current laws, they create more drama to take YOUR rights away.




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