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The Remington Rider Revolver

Remington Rider Revolver
Remington Rider Revolver

Full name: The Remington-Rider New Model Double Action Belt Pistol.

Remington made this pistol between 1863 and 1873. In that 10 year run 3000 to 5000 pistols were made. Those numbers may vary as the records are not fully available. 

These guns had a 6.5 inch barrel, and were offered in .36 caliber percussion. Or they had a conversion cylinder in .38 RF. 

This particular example is the .36 percussion gun with a fluted cylinder. Experts state that they only made a maximum of 500 fluted cylinders between 1863 and 1865; making this one of the rarer guns.

The serial number is 557 and, as seen in the pics, is all matching. 

I myself find it amazing that Remington produced a SA/DA pistol during the Civil War.





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