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First Impression: Wilson P320 Grip Module

Wilson Combat 320 Grip Module
The OEM grip. Next tp the Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module installed.

First impression. This is a legit upgrade. Back in the bad ole days, if you wanted to modify your polymer gun’s grip? It involved soldering irons and wood burning tools. But…no do overs. Don’t mess up. 

Then the Sig P320 came out, and you could practice on inexpensive modules until it was to your liking. Or…now…you could just buy a Wilson Combat P320 grip module for around $60 and be done with it. Pretty neat. 

Addressing some reader questions and observations:

  1. Yes, it seems the Wilson Module doesn’t have the back-strap hump that is present on the OEM part. Doc has large hands. And while he doesn’t need the grip to be smaller, the Wilson Grip “feels better and tighter” to him. His words.
  2. Wilson makes these in FDE and Black. 
  3. You can get it with or without a thumb-safety cut. This has the M17 TS cut.
  4. The mag-well on the Wilson module is significantly better than the OEM design. Significantly. But…
  5. The Wilson module lacks the magazine cut outs used to strip stuck mags out of guns during certain malfunction clearance drills. Back in the day, I used to work at a place that would manually make those cuts on Glock frames. And it’s impressive to see the Army incorporate them into a service pistol. We’ve come a long way, Baby. However…

    Wilson Combat 320 Grip Module
    The OEM grip. Next tp the Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module installed.
  6. The need for them is “somewhat” negated by the size and shape of the P320’s magazine floor plates. A typical user should be able to strip just using the OEM bases.

    Wilson Combat 320 Grip Module
    One could easily cut a lip into the front of the magwell to give baseplate a “lip” to strip. Should you so desire.
  7. But the beauty of the 320 is the ability to “have-it-your-way” right now. A good compromise would be to shave a little of the mag-well at the front. Leaving a straight edge for magazine stripping. 

In conclusion. Doc is Happy. So that makes all of us happy. Neat idea. Neat upgrade. Neat price. Neat gun. And no FFL transfers needed. 

Thanks to Wilson for sending this over. And even getting Doc the baby-poop color he prefers. 

More to come.






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