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The Ruger Precision Rifle And Big Promises

Ruger Precision Rifle Promotion Image
Ruger Precision Rifle Promotion Image

As I type this, I am resting after getting back from attending the National Matches at Camp Perry. We have been getting inundated with emails about this rifle. Honestly, I am personally as excited about the release as many of you. I am particularly excited to see Ruger step up and actually seriously compete on the “tactical” side of the street. But those are my personal feelings and not based in logic or known facts.


But I am not posting this to actually talk about the Ruger rifle. It was an e-mail I received from someone who has been trying to  learn and get educated on precision rifle shooting that is the genesis of my screed:

“I think I have found my precision rifle. It’s less than half of what I was planning on spending. Do you guys know who has one in stock? I want to buy one before they are sold out”. 

My response, “Dude, Stop!” –Marky 


OK. First, let’s explain to the new reader what we are actually looking at. The RPR which stands for Ruger Precision Rifle. The reason for all the hubbub is the bar being set very high for a very low price point. Relative to the cost for entry into similar featured rifles, the Ruger Precision Rifle  has been reported to offer the following:

  • 308,243 & 6.5CM Calibers
  • Fully Adjustable Stock with all the typical Precision Rifle Series Features.
  • Folding Stock is standard.
  • Rifle is compatible with all existing AR pattern furniture.
  • A user adjustable trigger (2.25#-5#)
  • Accepts PMags, AR-10, M1A and AICS magazines with no adapters.
  • Desirable twist rates and barrel lengths. Note the .243.
  • Factory Threaded and cap’ed.

There is more about this rifle and I am certain some of the data floating around has some errors or omissions. But it’s time for a reality check. Nobody of consequence owns one yet.



Before the pitch-forks and torches get fired up defending your favorite gun writers and fan-boi website hear me out. I am seeing and reading some GREAT stats about this rifle. In one case, Frank Galil over at Sniper’s Hide shot a 1/2 MOA group at 850 yards using 6.5CM Hornady factory ammo.


Ruger Precision Rifle Exploded
Ruger Precision Rifle Exploded Diagram. Click to enlarge


And that is fantastic. No really…it’s FANTASTIC! One would be shocked at how many internet jack-asses go through life claiming they can shot 1/2 MOA, Bench 200lbs, and have Youtube Blackbelts.


But it’s time for a word of caution. Frank is a former USMC Sniper. And he is an avid precision rifle competitor. Someone like Frank is a good litmus test. A starting point. But all the gun-writers you see gushing over the Ruger Precision Rifle might very well be shooting factory tuned ringers. Not production rifles.


$1100 street price for a rifle that Ruger is claiming to offer? If true, they just cut the balls off some of the biggest custom and semi-custom precision rifle shops in the country. But I suggest you hang back for a minute. Wait and see how the production rifles play, off the shelf in Peoria. This is doubly true if $1100-$1300 is all the money you have to spend one-time. Don’t go first. Don’t be the goat. Let “the street” get their hands on it and see if production models meet the pre-production hype.



If something goes wrong, you’ll thank me. If it’s a commercial success, have heart. It’s Ruger. They’ll make a metric S#it-Ton of them. And they will have changed the precision rifle market forever. If you’ve been spending months trying to get educated, learning about precision rifle game, and scoping out your “dream rifle”, waiting a few more months isn’t going to hurt you one iota.


Let the cool kids take the chances. They’re cool like that.





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