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Trail Breaker At Camp Perry

Large off-road tires.

I haven’t seen one of these types of bikes in 30 years. I didn’t know they still made them! Or perhaps started making them again? But there it was. On Vender’s Row. At Camp Perry. Staring me in the face.

Brand. Spanking. New.

Let me explain. Back in the day before we had modern dirt bikes, 4 wheelers and side-by-sides, if you couldn’t get a standard off-road vehicle back into your favorite hinter-lands, this was it. Or walk. And many a hunter back then would dream about having a Trail Breaker to help retrieve that prize buck he bagged at the bottom of some valley.

Perhaps this post is lost on the kids today? But I just had to talk about it. It would be cool to have one. Would I take it over our 4-wheelers? Probably not. But you can’t pickup a 4-wheeler and haul it up a ravine either.

It would be a fun toy.




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