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Traveling in the US with a Rifle

SCAR 16 and loaded magazines in this mag.

It seems the latest rage in the gun-community is low-profile rifle bags. While I completely agree with the concept, I have never seen one successfully executed. Sure, on the floor of SHOT show it may look “low profile” when sitting next to “level 47” body armor, but out on the street it’s a joke. Doubt me? Toss a rife in one and walk down a street where that rifle is illegal.

It's just more luggage. Even slug over shoulder.
It’s just more luggage. Even slug over shoulder.

Still feeling good about your odds with that rifle bag? Would disguising the rifle increase your odds? While I don’t advocate breaking gun laws, I give an extreme example to prove a point. Those bags don’t work. You WILL get nailed. Getting them by a bunch of ignoramuses who spend every waking moment looking at a smart-phone isn’t a successful test. And anyone pushing such nonsense is more interested in your money than your best interests.

Now let’s talk about what we do know. Here is a list of top readers of this blog broken down by country for the last 90 days. With the possible exception of 27 (Afghanistan — Deployed US Troops), most of these countries are 1st world, modern, and populated by semi and large urban centers.

SCAR 16 and loaded magazines in this mag.
SCAR 16 and loaded magazines in this bag.

If I needed to walk around any of these countries with a rifle, my cheap tennis bag would beat any of the “tactical” makes all day, every day. And twice on Sunday.

Choose wisely.

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Italy
  8. Sweden
  9. Spain
  10. Belgium
  11. Netherlands
  12. Turkey
  13. Norway
  14. Austria
  15. New Zealand
  16. Japan
  17. Serbia
  18. Poland
  19. Thailand
  20. Finland
  21. Switzerland
  22. Russia
  23. South Africa
  24. Mexico
  25. India
  26. Ireland
  27. Afghanistan
  28. Philippines
  29. Brazil
  30. Czech Republic
  31. Iran
  32. Denmark
  33. Kuwait
  34. Slovenia
  35. South Korea
  36. Greece
  37. Puerto Rico
  38. Bulgaria
  39. Israel

Here is a link to my original post describing setting up the tennis bag for the SCAR.

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